When you host with WebBar312.com, our daily backups will ensure that your website is brought back online in the unlikely event that your website does go down. When you host with Webbar312.com, not only do we offer hosting with daily backups, but we offer a special security feature called a splash page which gives you a username and password that derails false traffic. The elite staff here at Webbar312.com is here to help you every step of the way, giving you the freedom and time to focus on your business.

Effective January 1st of 2018, Google Chrome has implemented a feature in which it lets you know if a website is secured with an SSL. If you do not have an SSL, Google will warn you and anyone who goes on your website not to enter any sensitive information. 75% of internet users preferred browser is Google Chrome, the majority of people browsing your website will not submit a lead if it tells them your website is not secure. Keep yourself protected with an SSL (Socket Security Layer), all of your sensitive information will be secure. Webbar312.com also installs your SSL for you.